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Just You (Original Mix)

Just You EP

Robotika Sonic Records RBK78898 25 June 2016

The EP ends with “No Rules”. It’s nice and relaxing with a tinkling backdrop. This is at odds with the theme; that of no messing about, no compromising. There are subtle, slightly funky layers within the track, squelching, even. Those low voices appear, again, amidst many other things as the EP draws to a close. They ring out, creating a ponderous effect as the listener perhaps contemplates, and evaluates, what they’ve just heard, desperate for all it to sink in and absorb.


Just You EP

Robotika Sonic Records
25 June 2016


Stardust EP

Rewind Recordings
RW 26581
5 January 2017


Colony Of Mars EP

Mimika Sound Rec.
MKS 569700
3 September 2016


Butterfly Wings EP

Firefly Rec
FRL 652R
15 July 2016


Music In My Mind

Robotika Sonic Records
5 November 2016


Pink Flashback

Tigers Recordings
3 February 2016


Yellow World EP

Robotika Sonic Records
4 August 2016


Come Closer EP

Good Vibes Rec
3 April 2016


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  • 06 Feb 2019

    Underground Night Party

    06 Feb 2019

    Arena Club // Bangor
    87-91 Falvey St // +00 000 000

    Event info

    Date: 6 Febbraio 2019
    Location: Arena Club
    Address: 87-91 Falvey St Bangor
    Phone: +00 000 000
    Website: http://metal.com
    Event: #

    Every week Arena Club presents a variety of DJ performers covering musical styles of EDM, House, and Top 40. You can expect to be immersed in an auditory experience unlike any other in the area. Enjoy your favorite hits, come alive to new unheard tracks, both familiar and emerging sounds mixed under one roof. Three levels, […]

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  • 24 Feb 2019

    Spring Break Camp 2019

    24 Feb 2019

    Vibes Town // Kitty Hawk
    407 W Lillian St // +00 000 000

    Event info

    Date: 24 Febbraio 2019
    Location: Vibes Town
    Address: 407 W Lillian St Kitty Hawk
    Phone: +00 000 000
    Website: http://kn.com
    Event: #

    Croatia has become a great destination for travelers from all over, as it offers a wide array of activities as well as cultural events. We know that the country is rich in history and culture, but it is also prepared for major events and spectacles, especially during the warm seasons. Summer festivals in New York are […]

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  • 21 Mar 2019

    EDM Festival

    21 Mar 2019

    City Park // Fallon
    5415-5499 Weaver Rd // +00 000 0000

    Event info

    Date: 21 Marzo 2019
    Location: City Park
    Address: 5415-5499 Weaver Rd Fallon
    Phone: +00 000 0000
    Website: http://robge@gle.com
    Event: #

    For one huge weekend in May our beloved Airfield Of Dreams at Damyn’s Hall, Upminster, combines some of the world’s biggest names in electronic dance music with some of the world’s leading club brands and labels for 50,000 FSTVL fans. Taking place on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May, We Are FSTVL features over 200 […]

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  • 07 Apr 2019

    EDM Worriors Night

    07 Apr 2019

    Hippodrome // Atkinson
    29 Main St // +000 000 000

    Event info

    Date: 7 Aprile 2019
    Location: Hippodrome
    Address: 29 Main St Atkinson
    Phone: +000 000 000
    Website: http://rock.com
    Event: #

    We know that it’s not the building, but the people who make a place come alive. We pride ourselves in hosting the most thrilling DJ’s, having exemplary staff, and inviting in sophisticated guests and promoters who make every week an experience we wouldn’t want to miss.

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  • 20 Apr 2019

    Neon Desert 2019

    20 Apr 2019

    Venom Park // Annapolis
    134 Sherwood Forest Rd, // +00 0000 000

    Event info

    Date: 20 Aprile 2019
    Location: Venom Park
    Address: 134 Sherwood Forest Rd, Annapolis
    Phone: +00 0000 000
    Website: http://eqrepol.com
    Event: #

    Experience stunning performances by today’s biggest DJs and fast-rising stars of the dance music scene!

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  • 10 Mag 2019

    Red Club Opening

    10 Mag 2019

    Dancing Center // Crescent City
    511 9th St // +00 0000 000

    Event info

    Date: 10 Maggio 2019
    Location: Dancing Center
    Address: 511 9th St Crescent City
    Phone: +00 0000 000
    Website: http://qer.com
    Event: #

    Bank Holiday Sunday 28th August will mark a landmark date in the world of electronic music as Amnesia Ibiza arrives at a UK festival for the very first time to present a stage exclusively at South West Four. In one of the biggest moves of SW4 2016, we are extremely proud and excited to reveal […]

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Il Porto di Giardini Naxos si trasformerà in un monumento del XXI secolo

Written by on 11 Ottobre 2019

La bellissima baia di Giardini Naxos sarà protagonista della nona edizione di “Emergence Festival”, il Festival Internazionale di Interventi Urbani patrocinato dal Comune di Giardini Naxos e curato dall’Associazione Culturale Emergence. Per questa nona edizione è stato scelto un tema molto attuale e sentito: “l’integrazione e la fratellanza tra i popoli”. I lavori inizieranno lunedì […]

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Da Alì Terme all’ “Horcynus Orca”: il 15 ottobre si celebra il centenario della nascita di Stefano D’Arrigo

Written by on 9 Ottobre 2019

Per celebrare lo scrittore Stefano D’Arrigo, nell’anno del centenario dalla sua nascita, Alì Terme, suo paese natale ha organizzato il 15 Ottobre un’intera giornata di studi, dibattiti e approfondimenti. La giornata comincerà alle ore 9.00 con il Convegno scientifico “Cent’anni di Stefano D’Arrigo” presso il Cinema Vittoria. A curare il convegno sarà l’Università di Messina, […]

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Dazi Usa, stangata sul cibo italiano: allarme per gli agrumi siciliani

Written by on 4 Ottobre 2019

Dal 18 Ottobre scatteranno i dazi Usa. A comunicarlo è stato il Dipartimento del Commercio Statunitense. La WTO, l’Organizzazione Mondiale del Commercio, ha stabilito che gli Usa potranno imporre dazi all’Europa per 7,5 miliardi di dollari come compensazione per gli aiuti illegali concessi al consorzio aeronautico Airbus. Nel mirino di Trump ci sono le eccellenze […]

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