Musica > Röyksopp – Do It Again (Radio Date: 06-05-2014)

Röyksopp – Do It Again (Radio Date: 06-05-2014)

“Do It Again” farà parte dell’omonimo mini album che sarà pubblicato il 27 Maggio da Edel Italy (CD / LP download)
Il duo di produttori norvegesi questa volta hanno unito le forze con la talentuosa cantante scandinava Robyn.

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‘Do It Again’ is one of the most effervescent, effortlessly uplifting electro-pop tunes of recent years, and started life as a rave-inspired throwback. The inspiration for the “accidental pop song” came after a night out together in Bergen. It was just one of 5 tracks inspired by each other’s company, which compelled Röyksopp and Robyn to create something they had never done before. The ‘Do It Again’ mini album represents the perfect coming together of three very original musical minds.